You may ask yourself what are the benefits of hiring a pet sitter?

Well here is a list of benefits to you and your pet:

Benefits to your pet include:

  • They will be staying at home in their safe & secure environment
  • They are surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds
  • They will follow their regular diet and routine
  • They will have time to play
  • They will receive love and 1-2-1 attention
  • Their medical treatment will be maintained (when required)
  • It eliminates the trauma of travelling and being left in a unfamiliar environment
  • Ensures good health (they are not being exposed to other animals' illness or parasites)

Benefits to you include:

  • You know that your pet is in caring & loving hands
  • You have the confidence that the petsitter can deal with pet emergencies
  • You are eliminating the trauma of transporting and leaving your pet
  • Your not imposing on family, friends, and neighbours
  • You will feel that your home is more secure, because someone will be going in and out throughout the day