Doggy Play Barn

Full day of fun -

£20 per dog
£15 per other dogs from same household

Drop off from 8am, pick up by 6pm unless otherwise arranged extra costs may apply

 Pick up and drop off service charged at £3 per time within a 5 mile radius

Or both ways for £5

Pick-ups will be made between 8 - 10am and drop offs will be made between 3.30 - 6pm

Assesment - £15

Your dog will need to complete this Assesment (2-5 hours) to make sure thery will be happy in the play barn and enjoy their time with us.


*special discount for dogs that attend the Play Barn*

 Spa bath  - £16

including towel dry, usually takes around an hour

Extras you can add on:

Full body shampoo - £4

Conditioner - £2

Blow dry - from £5 - £20

Our blaster (fluff) dryer is an excellent way to remove any loose hair and undercoat. Double coated dogs such as huskys etc take much longer depending on their coat so this is priced according to the individual dog

Mud bath treatment - £5

These treatments really complement the spas benefits (more info to follow)

Essential oils - £3 (more info to follow)



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